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About 'From Capes to Aprons'

Highly acclaimed by industry critics and audiences alike, 'From Capes to Aprons' introduces funny, traumatic, and heroic story telling with the savory delights these dispatchers used for comfort foods your tastebuds will praise you for!  Sharing the intimate details of the dispatch center, echoing the thousands of voices and showing the heart of those who make up the thin gold line, enjoy insider knowledge of the public safety system and the comfort foods that keep them going!

Tempura Vegetables

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From Capes to Aprons details the heroic nature of the people behind the dial tone of 911.  "We wanted to capture the super hero persona of locals who step up to answer the call to serve the public while also humanizing those who do so much for others.  We all have food in common!"

-Missy Birnell Haston

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Tips from the Cape

Each week, From Capes to Aprons will publish a tip from the heroes who make up From Capes to Aprons.  

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